Time to Play Online Bingo
When: Friday Sept. 25th, 2020
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Where: Online with Zoom
Prizes for each of 5 games
Tickets: $20.00
This is a fundraiser being held by the Rotary Club of Oak Forest to fund our Food4Kids Backpack Program

How it works

When you click “Get Tickets” you will be taken to a payment portal where you fill in the information and pay for your ticket.
After we have confirmed payment, you will receive an email confirmation with the Zoom information. You will receive a separate email from MyBingoCards.com with your BINGO card. (One bingo card will be used for all five games)
On the night of the Bingo game all you must do is sign into Zoom with the Zoom meeting ID provided to you by us. Don’t worry! It is easier than you may think.  See more on how to use Zoom below.
After we take attendance, we will start to call the first of 5 games to be played. The software we are using generates the letter and number of each call and will also identify a winner. Like in regular Bingo, you yell out “BINGO” and we will check the card you have against the numbers called. Then, “YOU’RE A WINNER” and you will be given the prize for that game.
Speaking of prizes. The prizes* will be in the form of Amazon gift cards in the amount of 1st Game $50, 2nd game $50, 3rd game $75, 4th game $100, and the final game $150.
*(Prizes are dependent on the number of players, based on 96 paid players, and will be prorated based on the number of tickets sold. Example: If we end up with only 50 players then the prize amounts will be half of the total referenced above.)
ZOOM info: You will need to download Zoom in order to play. Zoom is easy to download, install and use! After you download Zoom all you have to do is “Open Zoom,” when asked for a meeting ID put the Meeting ID number that we sent to you via Email.  You will then be placed in a waiting room for us to let you into the BINGO parlor.
Wait?  Don't like BINGO or perhaps Zoom, and just want to give a donation to our Oak Forest Rotary Foundation to help us with our projects and programs?  Please feel free to mail a check to us made payable to Oak Forest Rotary Foundation and mail it to Treasurer Bill Zerinskas at ThorntonPowell Insurance, 5550 147th St, Oak Forest, IL  60452.  You can also donate by credit or debit card through the Network for Good portal at https://www.nfggive.com/donation/83-3192809